The cuisine of Langhe’s la Crota

Rediscover the flavors of the authentic Piedmontese tradition.
Recreating the tastes of the most authentic and genuine Langhe cuisine is our ultimate objective.
We proudly carry on the tradition of the classic hand made pasta, according to the methods passed on by our grandmothers, and of the dishes seasoned with mushrooms and truffles, the two ingredients that have marked the culinary history of these lands.
The specialties of the chef include the staple first course of Piedmont pasta, such as Plin and Tajarin, as well as the main courses involving meat and game, the legacy of a land that was once covered with woods ideal for hunting. We are inspired by the recipes of the ancient cuisines of the different noble families that populated the castles on the top of the hills surrounding Roddi.
To conclude the meal, we have a menu with different desserts and sweets with chocolate and hazelnuts, of which the area is one of the largest producers in the world. As a digestive we recommend the Barolo Chinato, a liqueur obtained by the homonymous wine through a special process and with a pleasantly bitter finish. Our winery offers a wide selection of DOC and DOGC wines from the lower Piedmont to be coupled with our delicacies, including Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Moscato d’Asti, Barbera and Arneis, as well as wines from other Italian regions. We will be happy to advise you on the best pairings for each dish.


Traditional products of the territory

Simple and blunt like its people, the Langhe cuisine is not very elaborate, but it’s tasty. As the fundamentals we have the typical ingredients of the Mediterranean diet such as durum wheat flour, which is used to make some of the most notorious Piedmontese dishes of egg pasta (the famous tajarin, which are reminiscent of tagliatelle) and fresh stuffed pasta (the Plin, small ravioli with a meat filling and sealed with the distinctive “grandma’s pinch”).
Hazelnuts and pine nuts are two other well-known products of these lands, caught between the warmth of the Mediterranean and the cooler climate of the Po Valley. They are used as basic ingredients of different types of traditional sweets together with chocolate, another famous Piedmontese specialty.
The woods of the Langhe form an ideal habitat for game, mushrooms and in particular truffles, the specialty of Roddi and the area around Alba. The pleasant climate of the hills, the availability of water and pastures favor the breeding of quality cattle, including the well-known and appreciated Fassona variety.
Wine remains our main product: pair it with the meat in the Brasato al Barolo, one of the most famous main courses of the Italian cuisine, obtained by macerating the sottopaletta (an italian shoulder subcut) with wine and spices for an entire night. The result is a dish with a very rich and pleasantly savory aftertaste, which you won’t be able to forget.