Roddi, the village of truffles

For centuries the truffle has been at the base of the Roddi culture, and not only because of its proximity to Alba, the town where the famous international white truffle fair is held every year. Suffice it to say that the city is home to one of the oldest and most renowned schools for dogs, and has recently been included within the tourist route by the Piedmont Region dedicated to this precious mushroom.
Where does the Langhe passion for truffle come from? It seems that everything started from Pico Della Mirandola, whose nephew was lord of the castle overlooking the city. In Florence, the great Renaissance intellectual became involved in a scandal in which, among other things, he had seduced a noblewoman accompanying the carnal act with particularly delicious aphrodisiac foods seasoned with a spice with an unmistakable fragrance. Guess what is it?

In more modern times, the great truffle enthusiasts were some members of the Monchiero family, founders of the famous dog training school in the second half of the nineteenth century. With them begins the rebirth of the city. The fame comes in the ’30s, when the area become renowned worldwide for the collection of white truffles thanks to the work of many journalists that spread the words.
In the ’50s the writer Mario Soldati shoots a documentary for RAI on Roddi, which will lead to the definitive consecration of the town as “village of truffles” by RadioCorriere TV, after several articles on the same theme published in magazines like Epoca and the Italian Illustration.

Since then, the area is constantly visited every year by people from all over the world, not only to taste the delicious dishes of the Langhe cuisine, but also to enjoy the beauty of its hilly landscapes and discover the numerous artwork and history of the territory.
The commitment of the municipality to enhance the truffle tradition has not ceased and led to the choice of Roddi as one of the sites of the itinerant museum of the white truffle, with an educational path made of installations to guide the visitor to discover the secrets of this fungus and related aspects, including poems, archival documents, artworks.
Finally, in 2012 an international cooking school was opened in the old castle of Roddi, which has its own purpose in the valorisation of the white truffle.

How does the truffle enter the Langhe cuisine? Spiced with very intense fragrances, it is added crumbled to simple and rustic dishes like a tartare of Fassona meat or a fried egg, immediately giving a strong personality and sometimes aristocratic to the dish. Excellent with pasta, it is able to turn simple tajarin with butter into princely food.

The rolling hills of the Langhe also produce Barbaresco, a structured and complex red wine that well matches truffle for its secondary notes that are subtle and elegant. Another good choice considered by some experts is the Pinot Noir Alta Langa, a spumante with a fine savory taste and sophisticated fragrances.

At the restaurant La Crota of the Langhe of Roddi you can taste the white truffle in its different food and wine pairings, or spend a weekend tasting the excellent dishes of the most authentic Langhe cuisine that have the truffle as a main ingredient while staying in one of the rooms with superb views of the famous landscapes of the Langhe of Unesco.